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About your photography session

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Any photography session has to be thought about in advance. The big consideration, when thinking about having a headshot or business portrait, is what sort of background would you like? Most headshots are shot in one of the three styles shown below. The fourth style is an environmental portrait, where the background includes some elements of the workplace to give a sense of context. This style is more commonly used for press releases and corporate marketing material, rather than social media profiles, but it is an option.

missing LinkedIn headshot photograph

Are you missing something? (LinkedIn profile placeholder)

 Would you give
this person a job?

First impressions count, make
sure yours is the right one

A consistent style is usually preferred for team sessions, where the photographs might be used, for example, in ‘about us’ web page galleries or for entrance lobby information boards. The background doesn’t have to be a single colour, grey or white, of course. You may opt for each person to be seated behind an office desk, at their place of work, or undertaking a specific task, for example. Some options are restricted because of the space limitations for the photo shoot itself. Most office meeting rooms are adequate, but it is something we will need to discuss prior to the actual shoot.

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, click the ‘Questions’ menu item at the top of the page. You should also feel free to leave a message to arrange for a chat about your photography requirements, or call / email using the details above the logo at the top of the page.

Background styles
Female Headshot Portrait
Coloured background
Male executive business portrait
Grey background
home female headshot portrait
White Background
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